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Those who mistake the unessential for the essential           Those who know the essential as the essential
and in the essential see the unessential, and the unessential as the unessential,
dwelling in wrong thoughts, dwelling in right thoughts,
never arrive at the essence. will arrive at the essence.
(Dhammapada 11) (Dhammapada 12)

The aim of this web site is to make more widely available the writings of the late Ven. Ñánavíra Thera which, though of extraordinary quality and depth, do not -- for different reasons -- attract any of the established Buddhist publishers. It is presented as a dhammadána (gift of Dhamma) and with a deep sense of gratitude by individuals whose lives were significantly affected by an encounter with these writings, in the hope that others, too, might appreciate the right-view guidance which is offered therein. It cannot be expected that this material, which poses a clear challenge to the mainstream version of Buddhism, will gain any great popularity among the majority of Buddhists -- Eastern or Western -- but at least it can suggest an alternative approach to the Buddha's original Teaching, and perhaps serve as a useful eye-opener for those seeking an understanding of its more fundamental principles. It can also communicate the attitude of earnestness towards Dhamma practice, which is regarded not merely as a matter of choice but rather an existential necessity. For without this basic attitude, the practice of Buddhist meditation will remain in the worldly sphere and will never be able to bear the fruits of noble insight leading to liberation from the 'world'.



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